About Us

About Us

About Us

Who We Are ?

Kiduation, the subsidiaries of Gini Technologies, an MSC status IT company which specialized on education for Primary and Secondary students. To provide the best quality of education.

Kiduation is founded together with senior educators with more than 40 years of combined teaching experiences. All our tuition teachers are existing primary school teachers with at least 10 years’ experience. We strive to challenge the status quo of conventional tuition and student care centre.

Benefit of learning with Kiduation

Experienced and professional existing school teacher

1 class = 1 lecturer + 1 tutor

Tutor provides close guidance in class

Updated syllabus and exam answering techniques

Monthly student performance review

Gamified learning, learning while playing

Future Activities

Other than opening more Kiduation Daycare • Tuition Centre in different neighbourhoods and townships by 2023.

We will also be expanding our courses to secondary school syllabus (after our initial batch of students have graduated) to ensure a seamless transition for students upon entering their secondary education stage. This will further increase the customer lifetime value to the company.

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